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I Feel Happy To Be With Nature

I feel happy to be with Nature alone in the wood by the hill
When the white backed magpie on the tall gum he opens his sivery bill
And pipes his own natural music so beautiful free flowing and clear
His wonderful song it is timeless and something quite pleasant to hear,
I am happy to be with Nature alone by the babbling creek
It winds it's way down to the river from the high ground at the foot of the peak
Through the flat and the wide brown paddocks it babbles on
forever more
For to join the great body of water that flows to the great ocean shore,
I feel happy for to be with Nature alone in the gloam of the day
Where shrike thrush the beautiful songster in his feathers of light brown and gray
Is whistling on the blackwood wattle one bird that i know by his song
You hear him once him you remember and the next time you won't get him wrong
And so good to be alone with Nature as darkness creeps over the trees
When the birds are whistling and singing in the freshening late evening breeze.

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