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I Feel I Am A Non Achiever

I feel I am a non achiever my life's come to nothing at all
I go to the pub meet my mates there drink beer with them and talk football
And politics and the economy and work and family and war
That seems to forever keep raging in Lands where from we live afar.

I envy the poet the great dreamer his life is one marvellous dream
In Spring he plucks a wild bluebell he finds on the bank of a stream
And takes it to give to his woman it may not seem much of a gift
But the very thought makes her happy and gives to her spirits a lift.

His World is so different to our World he see things that we cannot see
He knows of the life of the tree creeper who nests in a hole in a tree,
He knows the wood and it's wild creatures and of Nature's wonders he sing
His World it revolves around Nature and Nature's a beautiful thing.

I feel I am a non achiever for my years I don't have much to show
Of the beautiful side of the World so little too little I know
I'm stifling in my mental clutter of clutter I cannot break free
The ghosts of my past are still with me they seem to keep following me.

I worry about money matters the worries of the common man
And any spirituality I've got from me leaking like water from a leaking can,
My biological clock it keeps ticking and ticking and ticking away
I was a young man of the sixties and now I look weary and gray.

I feel I am a non achiever my ancestors speak to me from the grave,
You never did fight for your Country and in any way you've not been brave,
You do not have millions in money and you are not what we wish you to be
In your life a big achiever and a credit to your ancestry.

I heed their advice though I realize that from my soul I block out sun shine
I ought to tell them mind their own business that my life alone it is mine,
We live for others expectations yet time it seems to pass us by
With his money the millionaire can't appease the reaper he will die when his turn come to die.

I feel I am a non achiever the World that I live in is small
I meet with my mates in the bar room to talk of things such as football
I can't see the beautiful World to beauty I seem to be blind
I'm stifling in my mental clutter and clutter is cluttering my mind.

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Langston Hughes


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