(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)

I Feel It Rising

Slowly it rises
It makes my breathing ragged
My vision narrows
Even my thoughts slow

My muscles tense
My blood begins boil
Only one thing matters
I must fight
I must win

I slowly rise from the ground
Blood drips from my wounds and splashes on to the floor
But I don't feel it
There is no pain
Only hatred

I begin to laugh as they look upon me with shock
I hands clench into fists
And my fists rise
My legs move forward
Walking turns to running

They move too slow
Far too slow
First one doesn't even make a sound
He simply falls after my fist connects with his skull

Voices begin talking
But not from the outside
I feel it rising
And the world begins to get shut out

The next man tries to fight
But he is weak
He is scared
A shot to the stomach
Then to his throat
And finally the back of his skull

The last one is shaking
She sees what I really am
And as the lights flicker
She can see the demons inside me

I charge her
She fires her gun
First shot misses
Second one hits my shoulder
But I don't stop
The third scorches through my side
But I don't stop
There is no fourth shot

The voices scream go low
So I go low
They say use your knee
So I bring my knee into her gut
She doubles over and vomits

As she looks up she begins to cry
She asks for forgiveness
The voices scream no
I say no

As the light flickers
Her body looks so frail
As her life drains from her
The voices laugh
And I laugh

I feel it rising
I feel it filling me
Taking over
The madness has taken hold

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