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I Feel Life Is Like A Battle

Never done anybody harm yet can't seem to do no good
Is there one who understand me, why am I misunderstood?
At parties and get togethers I always feel out of place
Get the strangest sort of feeling that mine's not a welcome face.

I feel life is like a battle, it's a battle every day
Just to keep myself from going mad, has it got to be this way?
Feel the tension in me rising, the frustration grow and grow
Feel the anger boil and bubble, one day it may overflow.

I have problems in the workplace, I have problems in the home
Try to put the blame on others but the blame is all my own,
I can't put the blame on others for the blackness in my soul
But the light will shine much brighter when I leave the darkened hole.

In this gloomy soul tomorrow a bright light may glow and shine
And one day I too will be happy, happiness will be all mine
Melancholia like a virus to some people come and go
And if we never knew dejection, happiness we could not know.

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