I Feel Like.... I Feel Like

Poem By christian guice

i feel like, i feel like, i feel like, no one kno wat i been threw, i feel like, i like Dying i feel like cryin, .
i feel like i am about to go off tha edge and take a Ak 47 to tha head runing from tha past but gettin caught in a trap in need to prevell
Tryin to reshape my self but i kno i am mistakin i don't understand me lost in a maze wit a navigation.
i am so conused wat i am i goin to do wit my self i feel like dryin cuz here in thiz world isn't living you might was well call thiz h$ll tryin to make it out here as a young black male it's like slavery they pullin me wit a brail fightin my way thought tracks and trials.
I have lost my vocabulary i need help to spell livin life in a hard place don't got no time for a jail cell so iam tryin to wish well for that b***** a$$ alexander bell i put a buellt in your brain cell well o well i need it to rebel and raise h$ll why cuz i feel like dying.
i feel like, i feel like, i feel like, no one kno wat i been threw, i feel like, i like Dying i feel like cryin, i feel like dying, i feel like crying.
i keep on replying my life like it's all good but really denying tha true fact that i am tryin implying what iz wrong wit me? i need to indemnify or maybe rehab my pain that's goin threw my veins man i am goin insane that i am about to lose all my nerves and my left brain.
thiz sh! t iz real i am about to lose it so i had to revell gettin sad and tried no kno money to even get me a meal

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wow, powerful.I really feel it. Wonderful. keep on! ! !

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when you feel for someone but they don't know that you feel that way
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As i wake up i look at the sky waiting, waiting for a better dayz sacred of my life becuase of past tortured.

sometimes wishing i could have what the other kids had when i was young never having a life in which i life my life in others crying was a lil one wishing about my mother.