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I Feel That I Am Very Lucky

I feel that i am very lucky in some of the people everyday i do meet
Some of the people i meet in the parkland and some of the people i meet on the street
To me many of them are strangers who happen to be passing my way
With a smile and a cheerful how are you they help to bring joy to my day
When people are friendly and respectful towards you it makes you feel sort of okay
They leave you with a feel good feeling and good memories of them with you stay
When traveling you may stop in a town you are not known in and you are made to feel welcome there
By people to whom you are a stranger one who is traveling to elsewhere
This town you will always remember the people they do make the place
You will recall how they made you feel welcome though to them yours was a stranger's face
They have left you with a good impression of them and the town they live in
Nice and friendly and welcoming people for their home place new friends always win
I do feel i am very lucky in some of the people i meet every day
Though to some of them i am a complete stranger they greet me in a friendly way.

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