I Feel Too

Please realize sweetie
You arent alone.
I feel the same feeling
Your heart has shown.
I miss you too,
Like I miss grandpa
I need you too,
Like i need God.
You aint alone
I feel what you feel
It aint the same?
Baby, whats real is real.
Now mi cryin out
Cause i feel it slippin'
I need you now
Baby, im gonna start trippin'
Dont miss me
Dont make worse of great
Dont lose me
Dont make my heart break
More and more it hurts,
You arent the only one
We both have dark hearts
We need to be together
Through thick and thin
We need each other
Through lose and win
Please realize sweetie
You aint alone
I feel the same feeling
True love has shown
So be with me baby
You and me we feel
Stop crying now baby
You and me

by Houston Needham

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