I Feel Used

The times we spent,
The happiness and smiles,
The arguments and shouts,
The times you would hug me,
And tell me you love me,
The times you kissed me,
Told me you'd never hurt me,
The things you said,
That i once believed,
Now i see,
You lied to me,
You played with me,
You changed me,
And what i realize of it all is,
You did me dirty,
Played me bad,
So grimey,
But its all good,
Cuz what you did to me,
Someones bound to do to you,
And when you look back,
To what love really was,
You'll think of me,
And you'll want me back,
And when that time comes,
I'll be thinkin,
I feel used.....

by Yolaine Viera

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