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I Feel Very Happy To Be Living

I feel happy to wake in the morning and know that i am very much alive
The Reaper's of lives is not looking my way one needs luck in life to survive
And i feel very lucky to be living since many younger and fitter than me with the dead
I only take each day as it comes to me and i never do look too very far ahead

I was a young schoolboy of the fifties the fifties now a long time ago
Back then my best years in the future but time since then it has become my foe
Some of the boys and girls of my boyhood in their final resting places do lay
And in the place i was born and raised in i might feel a stranger there today

We are on our separate life journeys that for most of us does not lead to fortune and to fame
And all of us in our ways not quite similar we would be boring if we were the same
And this the only life that i do know of though many tell me post bodily death good souls have wings to fly
To where their god does live this place called heaven a paradise somewhere beyond the sky

I do feel happy to wake in the morning and hear the birds of Nature chirp and sing
To know i am in the the World of the living for the gift of life it is a marvelous thing
This morning some did not wake to see the dawning for all of us a final night and day
And i feel very happy to be living though the clock on my life ticks and ticks away.

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