* I Feel Your Soul *

Poem By Kay Barcelon

I did not know what you meant
When you said you feel my soul
What you saw of me was just a fragment
Thus to even know me was impossible

You said “My Dear, don’t dictate
What I think or feel about you”
Oh Wow! Must be the image you create
An illusion away from truth you construe

But when you went inside my dream
You remained in my mind like the rain
I hear you I feel you though it seem
And we don’t even exist on the same plane

Now I say “Oh dear, I feel you too”
No matter where you are or even no longer here
Feeling your soul is like I am with you
How was it possible I can still taste your tear?

Now you are in my heart and feeling your soul
This is the only time I can be with you
The universe you created remained in control
Even if you are lost forever, I can still hold you

Comments about * I Feel Your Soul *

Such wonderful introspection, Kay. I loved this poem!
Thought provoking poem. Excellent write! The question is, 'Is he in touch with the real you or just a projection of his own mind? ' And yet, here is a projection of him invading your dreams. Perhaps he feels your soul after all.

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