GJ (October 22 1995 / North Wilkesboro)

I Fell

I Fell for you
I fell for tha lies
I fell for it all
it is no suprise

You said it all
thats why i fell
tha more you said
tha more i couldnt tell

i fell in love
you said you did too
but whered all that go
when you said **** you

you made me believe
that you really did care
but then why am i still sitting here
thinking he wouldn't dare

why did you say it
if you knew it wasnt true?
why did i have
to fall for you?

by Gabrielle Johnson

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those three little words are so easy to say, age and experience sadly does not make it any easier holding back from saying them but it does make it easier to interpret them for what they sometimes are, liked this smiffy