SQ (19/02/95 / San Fernendo)

I Fell In Love With The Wrong Person- Dedicated To Crystal

At first I was excited,
Never scared of being rejected,
I had all the confidence in the world,
That I would make you a happy girl,

But now I'm sad and I regret,
The night that I made you wet,
I didn't think it was wrong at that time,
I guess I as only thinking about your smile,
Or your giggle when I got you hot,
I wanted to be your coffee pot,
I wanted to be yours but now I don't
This relationship has just got cold,

You are everything I thought I wanted,
Tall, dark, hot and sexy,
I thought you you were the one I wanted next to me,
But what I wanted wasn't right,
I wish I had realised this one of those nights,

You ar a very sexy girl that broke my heart,
I new you were trouble from the start,
But in the end the pain you put me through,
Is exactly what pushed me away from you,

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Great poem! it's hard with relationships and you don't know if that person may or may not the one. You just gotta pull through, hope for the best and find that one true person. Kat, =)