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I Find Us Between The Lines
TJM (January 1948 / San Francisco, CA)

I Find Us Between The Lines

Poem By Tom J. Mariani

I find myself between the lines
Of Marvin Bell's poem
'Prodigal? ' in his book
Of poems 'Mars Being Red'

It's like he's welcoming me
Back unconditionally
I'll put his words in brackets
So you can follow along

[I'm off to the front lines in the war to preserve
the privilege of myth-making]
That's me whenever I write
My poetic license tucked in my pants

I have [...the nerve to think
the future and remember the past...]
How does Marvin know how poems
Come to me and want to get back out

I still hink he is talking about me
In the last lines of the poem
[...They lived among the heroic
who did not want another life, and if

they erred in creating bigger-than-life characters,
they broke bread with the unspeakable,
and that is worth something.]
In case you are wondering

I think you too the other writers
Are the [heroic/who] also [did not
want another life, ...]
[and that is worth something.]

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