I Find You

I find you in everything that i see

You are so much like the air
Wrapping me around your fingers, invading
Filling every empty pocket of my dry body

From old faded photographs
Worn and eaten by the eternal mouths of time
Leaps forth the winds
That strokes the embers of our memoriese

I find you in places that we have been
And I see you two, us
Like ghosts who haunt final soft places
I find you, us, even in dark corners
Where away from prying eyes we bathed in each other’s nakedness
Two flames lapping each other

Perhaps, it’s only memories, of what were once promises of forever
Forever that is only as long as one cares to remember, or forget

I find you in what my eyes see
I find you even in the darkness where I seek for no company
Insistent, persistent
You are like the ocean with her waves
From far away you rise and fall to touch my shore

I am a sailor overboard immersed in your sea

And yet, I cannot find you in me.

by damon steine

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