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I Find Your Subjects Boring

I find your subjects boring your conversations seem so dull
Of politics, religion and nationalism I've had a bellyfull
The World only divided by human created borders in reality 'tis all of the one crust
We were born of a woman and we decay to dust
Your Country not your Country you were just born there
And everyone who is born to life has to be from somewhere
Those who talk of my Country have surely got it wrong
Any Country to any one race ought to not rightfully belong
Enough of politics, religion, patriotism and nationalism these things only divide
For God and love of their National flag far too many have died
Your subjects as well as boring are provocative that's how 'twould seem to me
You sure are doing your own bit for World disharmony
That the World is of one crust you don't seem to understand
And since we are mortals born to die we are owned by the land

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