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I First Fell In Love With Mother Nature

I first fell in love with Mother Nature as a boy in old fields far away
In time going back more than five decades and i still do love her today
The creator of flora and fauna she takes every life she does give
She never does cease to amaze me her i will love for as long as i live
The visual artists and the writers to creativity she does inspire
Of singing our Earth Mother's praises there are many who never could tire
Her wonders to say the least many and her secrets are not in the few
And every day of and about her we do learn something that is new
Without her we would not have water or vegetables or any meat
Or fish, grain or fruit of any sort or anything at all for to eat
Since she is the one who does feed us without her we could not hope to survive
Yet the love and respect we owe to her of her we see fit to deprive
She is the best friend that we do have the food of life for us she does grow
Yet we dig her ground for her treasures and respect to her we do not show.

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