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I First Fell In Love With Nature

I first fell in love with Nature going back more than five decades of time
And by the animals and birds who lived near me in my late twenties I was inspired to rhyme
Yet the more that I learn about her so little about her I realize I know
Our Earth Mother she is amazing and my wonder of her only grow
To Nature many of us humans are abusive we violate her for financial gain
We cut down her trees in the name of progress our pollutants give rise to acid rain
The one who supports and who feeds us without her we could not hope to live
For centuries we have been taking from her and in return to her little give
We cannot be true to our Earth Mother if to our higher selves we cannot be true
We never do pay her the respect the respect from us she is overdue
Pity the future generations of humans they must pay for our acts of shame
When Nature takes her revenge on them for that they will have us to blame
We belong to her like all other life forms and for our crimes against her the price huge to pay
Than her wildflowers are we any different in her bosom we will decay.

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