I Flew To Venice

I flew to Venice,
And learnt to play tennis.

I flew to Berlin,
And spent my time playing curling.

I flew to New York,
And bought a jelly knife and fork.

I flew to L.A,
Saw a boring play.

I flew to Sydney,
And bought a unicorns kidney.

I flew to Brussels,
And ate some mussels.

I flew to Dublin,
Where my tummy started rumblin’.

I flew to Glasgow,
Where the time passes real slow.

I flew to San Francisco,
Where I gate crashed a senior citizen disco.

I flew to Toronto,
And stubbed my toe.

I flew to London.
And slept till sundown.

I flew to Alaska,
Where I asked a kid his mother’s age
He said ‘ wait a minute, I’ll ask ‘er.’

by Sam Price

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