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I Forgive You! ! !
KL (4.20.92 / Madras Oregon)

I Forgive You! ! !

Poem By Kamianna Lujan

I forgive you
For all the times you started to drink
For all the things getting way out of hand

I forgive you
For hitting her, and for you kickin him
For all the yellings and all the fights
Screaming at eachother all night

I forgive you
For makin my brother and me cry
For making me screaming at you guys
For yelling 'Stop! ' but you guys wouldn't listen
to two little kids in a devastating postion

I forgive you
For making her cry, and
making her die inside
For family asking questions
but she wouldn't tell why

I forgive you
For making him leave
In the middle of my childhood Secene
I loved him so much but you took him away
but you couldn't see
We needed him to stay

I forgave you guys once and I m doind it again so her it goes

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lots of emotions in this one....loved it! sorry that this has happened to you......you have composed this one very nicely! ! thnx for sharing.....(10) Brian~