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I Found Another Website!
MN (11-08-1970 / )

I Found Another Website!

I found another website
cause the fights had brought me down.
I searched the web for days...
another site in 'Cyber-town'.

I logged into the home-page
and checked the place all out.
Then someone from the forum
gave a big ol' growly shout!

I heard it through my speaker.
My mouse gave out a squeak!
I looked up at the heading that read
'Topic Of The Week'

'What makes a poem a good one? '
and 'Do You Think Rhyme's Dead? '
I think I said a cuss-word....
(but, it was only in my head!)

I thought that I had stumbled
into another new dimension
cause in their so-called 'lobby'
they all fought for the attention.

There were the angry voices
and I had to plug my ears.
The men were all puffed up with pride
(wise....even beyond their years)

There was a dark-haired woman
with a tongue as sharp as razor.
She joined the hunt to catch a bear...
(they shot him with a taser) .

I realized I missed my home
and couldn't run away.
I see this is the place I love
and this is where I'll stay.

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Comments (7)

Praise God for the sacred word wherever it resides.
Nah, Ray, I appreciate the thought behind your comment but I wasn't too serious with this poem. I was just kidding and thought I'd write this. It does seem though, no matter which site you go to...it's the same (human nature) . Sincerely, Mary :) I actually love this website, all it's craziness too!
MARY, nice poem.......................
Having found this on the Forum Mary, and having posted you a message regarding it, I shall say only that this is brilliant and so true. To you, as I have said before, Bravo! Love Ernestine XXX
Mary, to lose you would be like going into the garden and cutting down a rose just because you could.We would be at a great loss.Love Duncan
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