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I Found Him

If there is a God where is he
Those exact words I use to speak,
Is he in the sky, or maybe he's in the sea
Where must I go and seek.
Some say that I can find him in a book
While others say that he's in a prayer,
Both places I did look
And he wasn't standing, or speaking there.
I watch people as they prayed to God
But, those people still got sick and did die,
Is he and his believers all a fraud
Is God, just a hoax, or maybe worse a lie.
I lived my life and I was lost
I cared for no one, but only for myself,
Did not know anything, but only life's cost
Destiny is just a urn, upon a bookshelf.
What is the meaning of life I always thought
And, why am I really here,
Someday like my parents I'll be in a plot
Then my existence will disappear.
God, please answer my one question
I have asked him that many times before,
Am I here just to learn a lesson
And do I need to suffer and learn more.
One day when I was hating my life
From the brightness a figured called out my name,
I could not handle any more pain or strife
As I stood alone in my guilt and my shame.
So, I walked alone into the night
My life was sad and pitiful and grim,
I then found that peace coming from the light
That one day, I finally found him.

Randy L. McClave

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It's inspiring to know that someone has found God.......10+++++++++++++