I Found My Light

i look around and remember those precious nights
before hell broke lose and our horrid fights
began, i try to forget and let you go
but i've always loved you so
it hurts that now we barely speak
you know how i am, i am weak
when it come to your love
you helped me get above
those struggles i faced
without you i became a waste
when im alone i cant help but miss everything we had
but then there are times when i am glad
we went our seperate ways
so much for our future, our happy days
now i am nothing to you and thats how its meant to be
i am foolish because i never see
that even though i love you we are over
you could never put the bottle down and remain sober,
i was never important enough
you made me something you couldnt stand, you hated, you made me tough
i needed you, and you let me down
you left me alone to drown
but i found my way out of the nightmare, i never gave up the fight
he is my sunshine and my everything, my light
now he holds the key to my heart
i have began a new life, a new start
with you i am done
i have chosen my loving sun

by Crazy Vampire

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