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I Found Trust

God, who can I trust
Who's hand for help can I accept or thrust,
Who else lord can there be
That I can have faith between them and me.
I have looked towards my right and then my left
There I have found only lies, deceit and theft,
Even in my own family and in my friends
I have found wounds and nightmares that never ends.
Lord, what else can I do
As I'll always need and love and trust in you,
But, many times Lord I need help and a crutch
Who else can I believe in or trust.
As you know I have been used and hurt
From my side in times of troubles friends did desert,
Was I ever asking from anyone to much
When all that I was seeking was faith and trust.
To some I have gave them my all
But, still they allowed and then watched me fall,
Instead of a life preserver they tossed me a wreath
After I gave them my confidence, my hope and my belief.
But, then God in a miracle you led me to them
In a church I then listened to her and him,
Now I happily know that before my body turns to dust
I finally found friends, and the trust.

Randy L. McClave

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Piercing poem about friends and trust and how so often we are most hurt by whom we once trusted most as a friend. How sometimes it is only towards the Lord that we can turn.