I Found You

(This is a poem I was going to give my girlfriend but we broke up before i could finish it so i stopped. It's not that great because I did it in like 5-10mins at like 2 in the morning so just keep that in mind. And it usually takes me WAY longer to write a decent one. Thanks for reading though.)

You're not perfect
but your one of a kind
the kind of girl,
all the guys wanna find
like a needle in a hay stack.
or a fruit loop in a bowl of cherrios
Somehow i found you
This can't be true

Im not the best boyfriend there is
but im trying
Im not the hottest guy there is
believe me im dying
Im not the smartest guy there is
So please stop crying...

by Jay Akarim

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hey this poem is good
wow that is straight from the heart. sorry to hear about her leaving you =[ you have done well, i like the rhyming.