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I Found Your Card Today
MN (11-08-1970 / )

I Found Your Card Today

Searching through the attic
I was completely caught off guard
when the sudden flood of memories
were found inside a card.

The card was sent to you.
It had an air of 'young and sweet'.
You were still in my belly
and I feared we'd never meet.

The doctors warned of danger
so I prayed like none before.
I prayed you would be healthy
for me to just adore.

They put me up on bedrest
and said to ''Just stay put! ''
I couldn't leave the bedroom...
not even just a foot.

The months dragged by so slowly
but it was worth the wait.
They worried you wouldn't weigh 5 lbs
but you weighed nearly 8!

My one and only son.
No more babies for me.
I read the card I found today
and cried so joyously.

My visit to the attic
has renewed my faith in Him.
I felt my heart still glowing
as the attic lights went dim.

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Comments (12)

This is a tender, straight-from-the-heart delivery filled with sweet emotion. Don't know much about your background, but apparently there are others here who are, and I'm surmising you had many obstacles to overcome along your path, to become a rather strong, honest, campassionate upstanding individual. May peace be yours now. Sincerest regards, Greg XXO
such a powerful and beautiful poem, Mary. I truly enjoyed it warmest wishes, ~Dana~
Mary, what a class piece of poetry from the heart this is.YOU ARE AMAZING! This was so worth the read.Love Duncan
Prayer is very powerful... beautiful poem. Brian
Good Evening Mary, Your poem touched me...I too, have just one child, a son. I was told not to become too attached...my doctor didn't think I would carry him. Amazingly, my dear son arrived completely healthy and perfect...7 weeks early! Seth will graduate from as an aero-space engineer in May. (He is still amazing us!) Oh those memories... Nice poem your imagery connects! Sincerely, Debora
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