I Gave My Love

i took my love out walking
along the river Rhine
i gave my love a picnic
of camembert and wine
i read my love a poem
her head upon my knee
i sang my love a sonnet
beneath the shady tree

i gave my love a flower
a budding rose of white
i gave my love a warm embrace
and held her o so tight
i gave my love a token
a simple band of gold
i gave my love my open heart
for her to have and hold

i gave my love a promise
of my eternal love
i gave my love a wish I sent
to all the stars above
and in return my love she gave
a simple loving kiss
and that was all it took for me
to want to do all this

by Gordon Merritt

Comments (1)

Very effective rhyming poem shows innocence in the story of a love affair. Delightful.