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I Gave Up Cigarettes
BJW (02/04/1977 / Moultrie)

I Gave Up Cigarettes

Poem By Bobbie Jean Wright

I fidget with my fingernails
the November wind has numbed them
enough that a little nibble
(here and there)
won't hurt the freshly exposed quick.
Don't nag...
since I can't touch you,
I have to occupy myself somehow.

I gave up cigarettes
but I kept your old green lighter
to remind me of the taste.
I guess we all have our vises.
Yours obviously didn't include me.

Lately misery...
it comes from way down deep
(like my religon)
beckoning the hurt
by the ticking second
finding that laugh
(from 2006)
that made me fall in love
with long sighs
and sharp chest pains.


The glow from the lighter
warms me somehow
and I figure I might have
just one drag...
the way I'm going
living a 'healthy' life
only seems like prolonging the agony.

Somethin's gotta kill me...

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