I Gave Up

I gave up today
Ordinarly and the same
This boy I felt for didn't seem much anymore
I do like him but inside I felt a doubt
I never even touched his heart or even bothered to try
I gave up to soon, So quickly

I gave up because I didn't believe
I gave up because it didn't have a mean
I gave up because he was to good for me
I gave up to easily
I gave up on love to quickly

Everyone tells me to stop saying those negative things
But I cant help but ask what makes them right
They say things they cant even do to themselves

So who am I gonna believe
Love gave up on me, so i did the other way

I gave up on the boy I truly liked
But he's never out of my sight
I gave up to easily
I gave up to quickly
I didnt believe
I cant even see why i should hold on any longer....

by ice johnson

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reading this i felt kinda sad, dont ever give up