JGN (August 24,1976 / Monrovia, Liberia)

I Gaze At Human

I gaze man greed, he never please.
his quest for more, he never cease.
thoughts smear evil, treacherous fills
He walks pride, the grave, he fills.

His craved for gold, ruined the earth
Sow seeds of hunger, ills and death
His search for more, quest for science
Blind his eyes, numb is conscience.

In every streets, man worship stones
sworn to put, Caesar on God’s throne.
He make a taunt, God is weak and slow,
Darken his heart, in his evils, he glows.

In his angers, man paints God cruel
wage wars in himself, his wails & pains
There is no God, he shout in his anger
but dooms by some divine despairs.

God send his boons by means of a man,
whose hands, man is redeem from woes.
with God, no cruelty, but kinds and love,
give praise to God, for he’s Good.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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