I Get No Sleep

I appear unexpectedly,
For no apparent reason;
And I begin a conversation
You've waited for.
You're reticent when I speak,
When I sit in a familiar chair
In a room we both know;
Where I don't belong.

I've no control over my visits,
No more than yours.
Others are peripherally present,
With marbled voices.

Your focus is me,
Wondering why I'm there.
Do I move to your blind spot, occasionally?
I am invasive and untoward.
I am not plasma, a phantasm or apparition.
I part the misty curtain to your surprise.
'What are you doing here? '
I ask the same when you visit,
Yet I love to see you, relaxed, entwined.
You treat me as an old friend
With inquiries and interest.

I have so much to confess to you,
But you're disinterested in past failures.
Someone interrupts us,
You leave,
Through the same ethereal mist
That parted for me.

If you called to say you were coming
For a visit,
I'd get no sleep.

by Francie Lynch

Comments (2)

beautiful presentation of lost love, i enjoyed reading the poem, thanks for sharing.
I loved this! There is a humble truth radiating KW