I Give And I Give

I give and I give
Over and Over again
Til it hurts me so bad that i juss wanna die

My happiness only lasts but so long
No matter what brings it on it always fades away
I dont understand why is it here and I cry
Over and over again

I just want the hurt and the pain to go away
I want it to all just dissappear
I can't take it anymore

I feel like i'm going crazy
Being strong is hard
It's a tedious job

Trying to help others
nd then getting stabbed in the back
Is a painful process

And if it happens over and over
It will drive you insane

Please I cry make the pain go away
My emotions affeect those around me
So much that they dont even want to be around me

My defensive walls are crumbling around me
Theyre crashing down with a loud thud
And those closest to me are stuck underneath

They want to escape my misery
But they want to be there for me
In the end all I can say is go leave me
I'll survive on my own
Cuz i dont want u to hurt
becuz of my pain and misery

I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I don't know what i did this time


by Candice George

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