I Give Thanks To Him

This person I am
I have you to be thankful for
I am the woman I am
Because you found me worthy to be loved

When I was a young teen
and had that rape incident
I thought you would be enraged
And disappointed in me
So I dare not tell
You not knowing was deliberate

When I did not graduate high school
And opted to get a GED
Although I kept moving with life goals
I did not see it fit for you to be proud of me

When I became homeless on the tough streets of Chicago
And came back home pregnant
Though that was not the most terrible thing
I felt humiliated, embarrassed, and ignorant

As I searched to find my place in my religion
As a new mom and within my soul
I really thought 'I've done it now...'
And would regret not living as I had been shown

I then grew up a little
And had that strange accident
I wasn't supposed to be walking
And as I lived, I wondered what it had meant

Here I was fornicating and partying every weekend
Trying to raise my son and realized
That I was doing wrong again and again
But through it all somehow you would understand
I said to myself 'this cannot be'
I don't want my son to become like me

I searched high and low asking myself 'why all this tragedy? '
So I started getting on my knees to pray
I needed guidance and love
I wondered 'why are things this way? '
I begged and I pleaded to the Lord above

At the same time, I thought I'd again fell in love
Here I go again putting faith into the flesh-A MAN
I loved him with all my heart
But when my baby came he decided to part

Just like mice trouble comes in three's
As I gained a new best friend in my terminal grandmother
Fourteen days before my delivery she couldn't hang on
She DIED and I again fell to my knees

But through it all people would say, 'Jesus is the way
He'll get you through it all if you just keep the Faith'
I never lost my faith but I started thinking an awful lot
Life is much too short and all the family I have is all I got

And not only am I the woman I am today because of Faith
I decided that one day I should show gratitude to my Father who helped pave the way
Not only did I wonder if I had let God down
I also wondered about my Dad
As his first daughter did my ways let him down
What if they had

Today is the day I say
I thank you for ALL you've done for me
You've walked me through life and taught me well
I thank you GOD... and you too Daddy.

LaCicely Nicole

by LaCicely Nicole

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A beautiful tribute to your father and a humble acknowledgment of God's sovereignty. Keep going.