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I Give To You

I give to you my plastic arms, my plastic legs
You can have this smile
These painted nails, these painted toes
This frown ill keep, but take my jeans
And these pains within...take them please

You can swallow the guilt, swallow the fear
Bathe in your own misery for all I care
But these pains take them please
Take these pains youve denied
Take them please

Have these ears, these lims of mine
Take these vains, these scares of mine
I shred this skin because of you
Now tears I cry because of who

Swallow the guilt
Swallow the fear
Take this filth and wash it clean
Have this body and bleed it dry
With all thats denied why stay alive

You can have my eyes
My petals too
Soon youll ache just like I do
Take these lashes
These thorns too
Do you ache just like I do? ...

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