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I Go On
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

I Go On

Poem By Eman Awad

Travelling in your direction,
unaware of my distination.
Alone on a winding road,
just using my imagination.
I tell my self that i may find you,
but roads divert into two,
and three ,
and four...
I try, i fight, i stuggle, i strife,
but i can't do that any more,
not in this life..
You are a beautiful poem,
and i tried so hard to be a verse.
I wishedthat you'd fall for me,
but you won't do till they carry my hearse.
I was never able to be a verse in your poem,
or not even a word.
I know afterwards i must be go on,
but you broke me and i was hurt.
Life goes on with you or without,
i know it doesn't make any sense.
But i have to go on with no doubt,
we aren't meant to be & you aren't my prince.
Truth is a blanket but it leaves you colder,
with a lesson to learn.
i loved you with my all,
and i got nothing in return..
I run, i walk, i crawl,
but i'll get over you,
i'll stand on my very own.
So let roads divert into two,
and three,
and four,
and five,
Because i'l go on,
and stay alive...

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