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*** I Got The Blues For You ***

Pelican blues, jay walking on velvet souls
Somber and detach, mayhem
Pickering the night of pre dawn
The choir of your anger, screaming
In tune to the decaying sounds
Of the strings Silverado
Ascending in D Minor
Descending in G Major
Flavor never a waiver
Impacts……….heart raptures
“Come and sway with me, ” the voices say
“Absorb my tone, within the tone,
You’ll hear the grumble mumble”
Sudden death and numb
The rhythm retires
The blues in dire
What come next will be your desperados
Attach the strings to your yester hellos
Soulful revival
My guitar humbles
The plucking and strumming
Erode…….to your gravely swing

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this one of my faves! ! ! ! u laid out deetails 4 the reader to picture it! ! ! this is awesome
Ouch! ! ! ! ! ! Fantastic Sulaiman, you are on a roll, this poem is filled with fire, burning within the soul.
vry well written.you deserve a definite 10++++
Please, for simplicity, keep your words in C, G, F or B flat..... George
Musician to musician, music to my ears. I also like playing words, as you do. George
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