I Got What I Got

I wanna tell you that I need you,
I wanna tell you that I'm scared too,
but see the thing is it feels like my lips are stitched together,
and if I don't break my lips apart soon you could be gone forever,

It's just getting a little to hard to realize that I'm killing myself unconsiously,
I'm really not meaning to hurt you, please belive me,
and I'll be fine being the big pretender if it ment everything went back to way things were,
I think I'm close to coming back, but I can't be all that sure,
Maybe if the rain started falling instead of the ice cold snow,
I could feel the wetness and I wouldn't hear the echoing 'no'....

I cut so deep my wrists feel limp and my face has gone pail,
I'm going down slowly; at the pace of a snail,
it's not so great but this is everything I sought,
I'm so fucking lonley but I got what I got.

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