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I Got You Babe
EB (21/10/87 / )

I Got You Babe

Poem By Elsa Bear

your drowning in past regrets
bitter about what you can't change,
chasing a girl just out of you reach.
your sensitivity and advice
helps everyone but you.

You’re consumed in delusion
Grasping for straws
Something to help close open doors
But your sweet want for intrusion
Is all down to sad confusion
And a boy that wants to have is cake
And eat it late

hiding behind at home hair cuts
just giving youself something to do
to not focus on life.
take a minute to wake up to reality,
we've all had bad times,
and bad hair,
but you'll be ok.

You’re hiding in the house
Trying to avoid them
You’re as envious as your beautiful jade eyes
And that comes as no surprise
But I understand
So take my hand
And step into the sunrise
Everything will be ok.

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