I Gotcha

O the failing’s bitterness,
My perceptual used to –ness
That the love at last hath gotcha,
My addictive ‘inkar ki si lazat’
The joy of her saying ‘no’, always
When she said, yes –
I mistook it for a nyet,
And when my knowing could know,
An emptiness seized me the while
To know was a lifetime’s spending,
Deciphering that the flowers
She held in her lap
Were the diminutive posture,
As my yellow rose-bud floated
In the air, for her and she said
That we were only friends,
The misunderstood ayes –
To catch attitudes you need be
A hell hound from the lands of Alaska.

Sadiqullah Khan
June 20,2015.

by Sadiqullah Khan

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