(August 4th,1926 / New York City)

I Guess I'M Not Profound

When things are too abounding with ideas too astounding
I find them most confounding
I guess I’m not profound

I am perhaps too fallow and perhaps a little shallow
Which makes me somewhat callow
It’s clear I’m not profound

When things for me are hairy, they seem to me too scary
I prefer the ordinary
Ordinary’s not profound

Of subjects too effusive with ideas too elusive
I strive be be reclusive
To hide from what’s profound

My brain perhaps too plastic, can’t handle things too drastic
I’ll never be scholastic
My learning’s not profound

Representing less a threat, simple stuff I sometimes get
Seems to cause much less a sweat
Simple stuff is less profound

When it comes to concentration, there is total resignation
To my total abdication
I escape from what’s profound

To keep me more at ease, please, don’t put me in a squeeze, please
Please listen to my pleas, please
You see, I’m not profound

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Comments (2)

That was profoundly - uh...er...profound? lol Well done, Stan! A much deserved 10. Shannon
Now that was just plain cool!