AS (may 27 1989 / detroit)

I Guess We'Re Even Now

Even though you might not have wanted it,
you held my heart as a fragile piece of glass.
It all seemed to go by so fast.
Me and my obsession,
you and yours.

You chose to stick with your obsession
and I,
I rid of mine.
You are no longer welcome,
not a part of me anymore.

I stopped going out of my way
to see your soft light face.
Although, now that I know your secret,
that face isn't soft or glowing anymore.
It's dark and distasteful.

The days before I knew,
I was just mad because
even though I wasn't doing much,
I still tried, while you,
you just dragged yourself around.

When I found out,
my entire being that was wrapped up in you
just. let. go.
It's such a disgrace to you, your team,
Horrifying. How could you do that?

So since you didn't really ever want me,
but you had me,
you must be glad,
happy to have me out of your life.
I guess we're even now.

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