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I Had A Chance
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I Had A Chance

Poem By Justin Zahn

I had a chance
but I didn't take it,
instead I just walked away.
Just like before,
fear stood in my path;
holding me back
from what I hold so dear.
It chained me down
and put her,
just out of my reach.
The harder I tried,
the more it hurt to watch,
as she faded
into the distance.
Oh how muscle ripped from bone,
as I tried to reach her.
My mind told me yes,
but my body kept saying no.
As I sat there,
I struggled,
Just to move towards;
but it was too late,
she was gone,
and out the door.
As I sit in anger
at that sad night,
the only thing that troubles me now is,
will there be a next time.
If there's not,
then regret is what I will feel,
sitting in my room,
thinking of how it could have been.
I hope,
that somehow,
another chance will come.
Because maybe next time,
I will be brave enough.

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Amazing. I really like this poem Justin! Hopefully... She will come back. If not, then I wish you luck. =) Great poem! -Alex