I Had A Dream

I had a dream,
Of swimming in whip-cream,
While being cheered on by the welsh rugby team.

Which was weird.

Another night,
I had a fight
With a robot named Tod,
Armed with a cod,
While all I had was kite.

Which was weird,
As at the time I was wearing an invisible beard,
Just in case anybody regonized me.

Another time I was blighted,
By an unheard of Manchester United.
As I tried to steal a hole,
They suddenly lost control.
And they stared to play badminton,
With a vicar from Northhampton.
As first they hit him over the head with a block,
Then used him as a shuttlecock.

Which was weird.

So instead of a restless sleep - with my bed starting to break,
I now insist on staying awake.

by Sam Price

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