JW (11/08/1983 / )

I Had A Dream As Lovely As Any Dream Could Be

I had a dream as lovely as any dream could be.
I tried to convince myself of its reality.
But unreal,
for it, it seems,
is the only word which is qualified to describe.
Dreams. They end when we wake.
It must have been fate that since that dream
my waking life seems bland.
I've tried to close my eyes
in part to forget, to rest,
in hopes regaining taste
but really in hopes of having it once again.
In vain. Our dreams we do not choose.
It is a lottery of sorts.
I ask myself why I never win?
The answer to which I'll never know.
There is a hint of irony though.
I doubt others would dream this dream so,
but after all, dreams are tailor made
and this dream was made for me.

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