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Sestina For Winter
MN (11-08-1970 / )

Sestina For Winter


I know it was a dream but still it felt so real.
My dad was right here next to me, his arms I can still feel.

He asked me how I'm coping and if I felt alright.
I cried and tried to tell him ''Dad, I'm just so sad tonight.''

I told him of my lonliness and of my crazy fears.
I told him all the things he's missed with me throughout the years.

He said that he had been here, he knew just how I felt.
He said that he was proud of me and by my bed he knelt.

He prayed for my forgiveness for all the pain I had.
All I could do was hold him and say ''I'll always love you Dad.''

He sat in the recliner that was always left for him.
He watched until I fell asleep but left the lights on dim.

He whispered in my ear ''I'll always be around''.
I woke up disappointed...an empty chair was all I found.

The air was thick with his cologne. I heard him call my name.
Since last night I know for sure I'll never be the same.

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Dear Mary I know about that lost feeling as far as my father is concerned.He left home when I was 18 months old and I believe that this changed everything.My thoughts are with you.Love Duncan
that poem truely grabs the reader and makes you think. The fact that my father is gone makes me wAnt to sit and think deeply. This poem makes me establish a true emotion. I'm honustly speechless. But to get to the point this is GREAT! ! !
Excellent, heartfelt poem inspired by the thought of Jack, no doubt. Possibly skip the 'was all I' it would improve the meter. Best H
To some extent the sentiment here is similar to my 'Cheese and Pickles' This is nota ploy to get you to read my work but the analogy is worth a moment's perusal
Oh Mary this is such a moving poem, I can hardly see the screen to type. Beautifully written. Amanda x