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I Had Died

I read the obituaries where I had died
I looked beside me and Death was not at my side
I felt so sad and lonely that I almost cried
Why about my death had others had lied
My ex-wife called my family and she was very sad
She was sorry that I was gone and she felt bad
She said I was the only true love that she ever had
Then she found out I was alive, and she got mad
My son then called after he read the news
He had cried and cried and went through boxes of tissues
He was sad and distraught and also confused
He didn't know that I was sick so he wasn't amused
My friends then called one after another
Then I got a call from a sister and then my brother
So happy the news wasn't read by my mother
It wasn't I who died, but sadly it was some other,
Of course I am here and I am still alive
And I hope for many more years I will survive
My friendship and my love it will also thrive
And my friendship to others I hope not to deprive.

Randy L. McClave

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