I Had Lunch

I had lunch

No burger, no pizza
No fast food, nothing junk

Ate something too simple
-yet rich with memories
-full of past and gone-by
-when life was different

I had lunch
-cheap, tasty, very nice

Possibly the same as
-my ever-best supper

Somehow was visiting Esfahan
-could have been my research
-that took me to house where
-lived one of best teachers
-in a way he is a, kind of a relative

His like is rare among us
-not having children
-was alone; out was wife
-I knocked, was welcomed

Done with his laundry
-rinsed in sun hanging
-told me of his plans:
- "Want to eat my supper;
-would you like? is simple! "
-I nodded…

Rag covered mosaics of the yard
-he removed, spread wash boxer
-as cloth and table
-Feta cheese, watermelon and bread…

That is what I had and…
-cheap, healthy and tasty…
-flashback, memories
-my lunch and his supper! ! !

by Nassy Fesharaki

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