I Had Me Once A Good Woman

Poem By L.E. Arndt

I had me once a good woman;
A fairy without flight.
Her eyes could break the sun
and her hair could hold the light.
Every step was as dancing;
Every frown was a fight.

Her hands were ever steady.
She didn't believe in shaking.
She almost stole my heart,
But it was hers for the taking.
Her ethereal face and Olympian mane
Made the heart worth the breaking.

A slender statue,
Too graceful for grace.
She kept a firm jaw
On her delicate face.
You could see when she hurt
And you felt the disgrace.

She shattered one day.
The quake shook the pass.
I can still see her dancing,
Inspiring the grass.
I keep looking for her
Inside of my glass.

I was the quake that broke the good woman.
I was the flood that whisked her away.
I wish I could wake up and undo it
But the goddess dances further each day.
I lost my good woman
But found Jim and Jose.

Comments about I Had Me Once A Good Woman

Despite the title & nature of this poem, your voice is indiscriminate of sex - and that is success. Keep on. Enjoying reading you, immensely. ~~sjg

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