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I Had My Daydreams

I had my daydreams as many do of great wealth and renown
Of making a name for myself far south of my Hometown
But of successes sad for me to you I cannot tell
I will end my days perhaps unsung as a man of doggerel.

Like many I find penning rhyme a hungry belly game
And with my pen for myself I will never make a name
Those who make a fortune out of writing to say the least quite few
Good luck to them is all I can say as great credit they are due.

But I will keep on penning rhymes until the day I die
For to write one piece worthy of note I will never cease to try
For to write one piece that will live on is all I aim to do
To the flickering flame of my dying dream I remain steadfastly true.

For all of my years of penning verse I don't have much to show
But better to try and fail than not try at all at least I had a go
To write one piece that me would outlive would be my dream come true
And poetasters are many as we well know and poets as ever few

by Francis Duggan

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