I Had To...

GOD I am so sorry,
But I had to...
I've hurt him I know,
And I can't tell him how much sorry I am,
Because again he would call me,
That he must stop, and I had no other option...

I had to be rude,
To make him feel mad...
God Please Forgive Me,
I am truly really Sorry!
But I did what I had to...

He won't change and that is fine,
But he must let me go,
I can't live like that,
Watching him waste time,
He is a grown man,
I am really sorry to hurt him my friend,
But I had to do it, I had to pretend,
That my heart was condemned.

Please God Forgive me,
But I don't know what else to do,
to make him go away, leave me alone,
go find another friend...

by Blue Angel

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Damn, i feel for my ex-wife now... I wish she would have told me that.