Such Are We

Such wastes of life are we,
never motivated,
never wanting to be,
suffocating in our own corruption.

by Kyle Schaerffer

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yea, we all have to learn somehow that they're all the same! some even learn it the hard way. good write, keep it up girl!
Wow, this really good. I'm glad you learned this lesson and are sharing it. You make me smile!
you are such a great writer. i lvoeeeee tis poem. it really describes how most teenage girls feel when it comes down to love and relationships. lucky for you, you realized the type of person he was. great job! brave you are to get over explained everything so beutifully and you showed you over coming and your braveness in the same time....keep going pretty girl Hataw
This is a good solid read. I'd recommend it for the lesson it teaches that girls never learn. GW62
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